Dietitians’ Practice Resources

Most of these practice resources are in the long and ever-growing links list you see in the right column. Why be redundant? Because I’m adding new links and categories nearly every day and I’m finding it harder to locate often-used items quickly — that is, without scrolling way down.  So, as a trial, I reproduced the Toolkit and selected resources in a simple, intuitive, user-friendly (I hope) format here.  Just a few categories and everything in alphabetical order within them. A work-in-progress. Any items not used in 12 months will go into storage.

Basic Toolkit

~ A.S.P.E.N. (American Society for Parenteral & Enteral Nutrition)
~ Canada’s Food Guide — main page
~ Canada’s Food Guide — First Nations, Inuit & Metis
~ Canada’s Food Guide — Educators & Communicators
~ Canadian Nutrient File
~ College of Dietitians of BC
~ Connotea — my library
~ Connotea — home page — start building your own library
~ Dial-A-Dietitian
~ Dietitians of Canada (public home page)
~ Dietitians of Canada — Members only
~ ESPEN Guidelines
~ Fluid & Electrolyte Metabolism (Merck Manual)
~ MD Consult
~ Natural Health Products (Health Canada)
~ PEN (Dietitians of Canada’s Practice Based Evidence in Nutrition)

Food Sustainability & Security

~ 100 Mile Diet
~ Community Food Security (Dietitians of Canada April 2007)
~ FarmFolk/CityFolk Society

Stroke prevention and management

~ 2006 Canadian Clinical Practice Guidelines on the Management & Prevention of Obesity
~ Canadian Cardiovascular Society Position Statement
~ Best Practice Recommendations for Stroke Care 2006 (Canadian Stroke Strategy)
~ Canadian Diabetes Association Clinical Practice Guidelines
~ Evidence-Based Guidelines for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention in Women: 2007 Update
~ Management of Patients with Stroke (SIGN)
~ Trans Fatty Acids and Heart Disease and Stroke (Heart & Stroke Foundation Position Statement)

Writing;  Presentation Design

~ Advice on designing posters and poster template #1
~ A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods
~ BibMe
~ Presentation Zen


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