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Gliffy: a web-based application for creating diagrams

I tried Gliffy Online for the first time this morning to create a simple flowchart and I definitely will be playing with using it for important work again. What I like about Gliffy:

– free basic account (you can purchase a premium version)
– easy-to-use (if you’ve had some experience using Word or Powerpoint drawing tools)
– web-based (so you can you use it from any computer connected to the Internet)
– social (you can collaborate on diagrams and share work with colleagues).

The FAQs about Gliffy Online are here.


An easier way to build a reference list

The next time you write a paper or article requiring citations, you may want to try this web tool for building a bibliography: BibMe

I haven’t used it yet, but think I will try it out soon for a bibliography of best nutrition practices in stroke care.

A New Kind of Periodic Table

Many reasons for not blogging the past week, some defensible, others pretty weak. Overall, lots of material, many distractions, and of course, just not enough time.

 Solution: a batch of quick posts on resources in my “rough drafts” file. I’m going to move them to “published” with a minimum of fuss and effort, just a brief description and some context, where needed.

 Link for today: A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods

You may want to check this one out before you explain a complex concept or process, or design your next PowerPoint slide or poster.

Poster presentation: Best nutrition practice across the stroke care continuum

I don’t know if anyone’s noticed but I haven’t written any blog posts for over a week because I was scrambling to complete my poster. Biggest lesson learned: START EARLY! Ready or not (and it was almost “not”), I had to present the poster at our Dietetics in Action education day on April 27th.

In case any of the references or information may be helpful to you in your practice, I thought I’d share my poster’s content as Powerpoint slides because they bring together many of the stroke resources I posted about earlier this month. I am still looking at resources and will continue to share them here.

If you’d like to view the poster content, click here: Best Nutrition Practice Across the Stroke Care Continuum: Using PEN and other Evidence-Based Practice Tools. You are free to use or adapt anything you like from the slides as specified in this Creative Commons Licence.

Last post (for now) on poster-making

I’m a consciously-incompetent, absolute beginner at designing posters, hence my research into how to do it well.

Yesterday I mentioned serendipitiously finding a photo on Flickr about poster creation. You can read more of the researcher’s practical tips,  view examples and  download templates at the page: Advice on designing scientific posters.

Although I’m making an experience-sharing (versus scientific or research) poster, I’m finding many of the design and content principles apply. I’m modifying section headings to suit my purpose.

For quick reference, here are all the most helpful pages I’ve found so far:

More on poster-making

I was looking for images to include in my poster when I came across (serendipity, yet again) this Flickr page on making posters:

Tips for designing scientific posters 

The author/photographer provides excellent advice. Well worth checking out.

Resources on Poster Presentations

I don’t think I’ll be writing too many blog posts for the next couple of weeks because I am working on stroke projects and preparing a poster for an upcoming dietitians’ education and networking event.

Instead, I’ll try to share information and tools I’ve found helpful in completing these tasks. Today, I’ve been referring to web-based resources on preparing posters.

Here is a starter list:

Writing Guides: Poster Sessions
Creating Effective Poster Presentations
Poster Presentation Tips
Poster Presentations