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Nutrition Month Post #6: And now, for something completely different

Yesterday I was talking about cookbooks, a comfy-cozy topic for a very rainy Sunday afternoon. Today, Monday and back to work at the hospital, I want to share my trusted and frequently-consulted medical reference:  MD Consult.

MD Consult is a large site with many tabs and pages so you may need to invest some time up front learning the navigation. This pays off, though, because there is wealth of information on diagnosis, therapy, practice guidelines and more from textbooks, journals and clinics series. If you register, you also can save your searches in a personal folder, a very useful feature that saves paper and filespace. Oh, perhaps the best feature: MD Consult is free.


Functions of a blog: #1) Building and maintaining a library


A blog can help you collect, organize, archive and retrieve web resources.

 Image credit: Portal, a Creative Commons licensed photo by Ange on Flickr)

Connotea: free online reference management

Connotea, a Web-based reference management tool for clinicians and scientists,  is everything (and more) I was looking for in a social bookmarking tool. It allows me to:
– quickly and easily save, organize and retrieve links to references
– share references with my colleagues
– access my library of references from any computer

Discover Connotea here:

 I’ve been adding to my Connotea library daily. Feel free to check it out.