About me

I am RD Online (aka Elaine), a Registered Dietitian exploring how information technology can support dietitians’ practice, networking and information-sharing.

I live and work in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I’ve been practicing for over 19 years, specializing in acute care neurosciences.

If you’d like to contact me but would rather not leave a comment, you can email me at:

eaeppler [at] gmail [dot] com
Replace the “at” with “@” and “dot” with “.”


11 responses to “About me

  1. I am an RD as well. I plan on reading the rest of what you’ve posted, as I’ve thought for a while that RDs should be blogging. I just don’t know that I’d be the blogger—it’s a big committment if you’re not the right person.

  2. Hi, Gillian.

    Thank you for taking time to send a message. I read it a few minutes ago when I sat down at my computer to work on some drafts of blog posts. You are the first person to email me about the blog. I haven’t “advertised” it since it is in such an early stage of development. But you’ve given me the impetus to finalize and post my version of the bloggers’ code of ethics.

    Yes, I know it will be a huge commitment. I’m still considering it an experiment. But since I save at least one (often more) nutrition or learning resources every day, I thought I may as well share the discoveries in case someone else finds them useful. Also, if I commit to blogging, then I am more likely make the time to really look at the resource rather than file it away for later (later = probably never).

    RD Online

  3. None of your posts allow for comments. I might quite easily comment if I could but I have to search for a way to do so. Perhaps this is in the build of the blog and something you can change. Also, although Bloglines accepted your URL, it never notifies me that you’ve posted. I don’t know why.

  4. Hi, Gillain.

    Thank you for pointing out you can’t leave comments on the posts. I didn’t realize this. I will do some site maintenance to correct this.
    Thank you for continuing to check this blog. I appreciate your interest and welcome any and all feedback.

    RD Online (elaine)

  5. Hi Elaine

    I’ve just found your blog and wanted to get in touch, i work with a team of Dietitians in the UK, together we’ve been working on a website, (www.EatatEase.com) its been over 2years in the making and we’re literally just launching!. We’re trying hard to raise the profile of Dietitians online, we’ve started a blog, but we spend so much time on the website and the blog we never seem to get an oppurtunity to get in touch with others doing similar things. I’ll make sure i visited regularly to keep in touch, it would great to have some thoughts on what we’re trying to do as well.
    Kind regards

    Dave Thompson

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  7. Speechie Keen

    Hi Elaine

    I’m working as a speech pathologist in an acute hospital.

    I can probably point you towards some more useful dysphagia literature that’s available online.

    I really like your blog, great to see you’re able to connect with other dietitians from around the world. I’m hoping to set up something similiar with speech pathologists.

  8. Hello, Speechie Keen. I love your screen name. Very clever. Thank you for taking time to comment. I work very closely with our neurosciences speech-language pathologist in managing our patients with dysphagia.

    Please feel free to share your resources. You can post them as a comment and then I will move them to a new dysphagia category I will create.

    I hope you will start a blog. It really is a great tool for connecting with colleagues.


  9. Speechie Keen

    I’ve started a blog just recently.. not sure why you can’t link to it from my posts.. try http://www.speechiekeen.wordpress.com

  10. Hello, again, Speechie K. The link in your commcnt above works. I’m not sure why your name is hyperlinked to your blog. It may be your WordPress settings.

  11. Hello Elaine, Love your blog, so full of information and resources. Thanks for all this.. 🙂

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