Agricultural Biodiversity Weblog

This week, thanks to Alex Steffan’s Worldchanging post, I discovered a real gem to help broaden and deepen my nutrition knowledge and take it well beyond its usual geographic and professional interest boundaries. The Weblog is: 

Agricultural Biodiversity Weblog

A good place to begin exploring the blog is on the About page. Then, as dietitians, we probably will want to check out the posts in the Nutrition, Organic Agriculture, CookingFruits & NutsVegetables, and Nibbles.

I’m working my way through the nutrition archive today. Here is a sample of well-written posts on various topics: 

Food is good
Kids eat more if fruit and veg are home-grown
School gardens
Heirlooms are better for you


One response to “Agricultural Biodiversity Weblog

  1. Hey, many thanks for linking to us. I hope you do find interesting stuff, and I do hope you’ll pick us up if we’re making mistakes and generally contribute to the conversation.

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