Food Allergy Resources on “PEN”

 (This supplements yesterday’s post on food allergy resources.)

Dietitians of Canada’s PEN also has 3 full knowledge pathways on food allergies with up-to-date resources such as the May 2007 Current Issues article on Food Allergy in Adults.  Note: you need to be a subscriber to access PEN.


2 responses to “Food Allergy Resources on “PEN”

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  2. Hey,
    I really liked your site,and i visit it often but I had a hard time finding a food allergy list for products that are sold in supermarkets. A food allergy list is something I definitely would like to use since im allergic for food as well. So I created a useful document with…….10000 food products…I thought your visitors might find it useful. Feel free to post it up on your website. Perhaps you like to write a news article about it so that people can easily find this usefull information. You can dowload the pdf document here :



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