The Science of Appetite

I was walking past the patient and family lounge at work today when a magazine cover caught my eye: a photo of a hot-fudge sundae in an Erlenmeyer flask with the caption “The Science of Appetite: Why we’re hardwired to crave the wrong things–and what new research says we can do about it.”  Because this was on the cover of Time (as opposed to the National Enquirer) I thought it would be worthwhile to peruse the article, especially after I read the first sentence, “Somewhere in your brain, there’s a cupcake circuit”!

 You can read the article online here: The Science of Appetite.

The online version has the same text as the print version but lacks some of the photos and side-bars. I will post some of the missing content (e.g., what makes us eat more) later today.

Addendum: I found this photo on Flickr. It doesn’t depict the science of appetite so much as the joy of eating.  Guilt-free eating. I wanted to share because it made me happy and may make you smile, too.

Enjoying ice cream

Photo credit: A New Ice Cream Shop Opened by Sister 72 .  Used under this Creative Commons license.


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