Eating from the garden and the farm

In case you’re interested in kitchen gardening and/or farmers markets, both of which foster eating closer to home, you may to check out these links I’ve recently added to the blogroll under Sustainability:

Kitchen Gardeners International 
The Centre for Sustainable Food Systems at UBC

I’d like to say just enough about these sites here so that you will visit and explore their pages.

Here is an excerpt from Kitchen Gardeners International:

First and foremost, Kitchen Gardeners love food, both product and process. They do not dream of eating a good tomato, but a true tomato, picked warm and juicy from the vine at the peak of its ripeness. Their enjoyment of the fruit is a complete one because it is inextricably entwined with the memory of the plant in its various stages of development. They taste not only the fruit, but the care and honest labor that went into making it…..

Their love of food is a complete one that extends beyond the plate to the soil and the natural processes and cycles from which good food comes. Kitchen Gardeners are in tune with the natural world, the weather, and the seasons. They look for ways of working peacefully and harmoniously with nature, rather than fighting against her. They are stewards of the land, whether it be a farm or a window-box.  (link)

I get very excited when I read about the developments at the UBC Farm. The weekly Market List e-newsletter is worth subscribing to because it gives you a taste of the good things available at the Saturday Market.

Here is the June 21st, 2007 newsletter:  UBC Farm Market Update: First Market


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