May Round-up; June Preview

Dear reader: Please don’t feel obligated to read this post. I’ve written it mostly for myself to help keep my writing on track.

During May, I have written about and added links to web resources on:

  • stroke
  • sustainability
  • evidence-based practice
  • practice guidelines
  • poster presentations

Topics in June will continue to be brought to you by the letters “p” and “s”. (Sorry, but this was the best unifying theme I could come up with!)

I plan to keep publishing on stroke, sustainability, and practice guidelines  as well as add posts and categories on professional prose (i.e.,  writing well) and web-based productivity tools for dietitians.


2 responses to “May Round-up; June Preview

  1. Have you read Effective Writing by Louise Bell? For a serious book, I found it really readable and interesting.

  2. Hi, Gillian. Yes, I have referred to this book and we have (or used to) a copy in our Food and Nutrition Library here at work. Yes, I agree, Louise’s book is interesting and informative. She was the editor of the BCDNA Manual of Nutritional Care published in the early 1990s and I contributed a brief section which she edited.

    Excellent suggestion. Thank you, Gillian.

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