New category (Sustainability) & links added today

On days like today, when I read informative, interesting writing on other web sites and struggle to come up with something original and articulate for this blog, I realize I would soon starve if I had to earn my living as a professional writer!

But fortunately for both of us, I’m not writing this blog so you will read my words about topics. Instead, I  hope you will go to some of the sites I link to and read posts by others, who, although they may not all be dietitians, do know a lot about complex food issues, such as sustainability.

And so I’ve added this category to the blogroll (see right side of this page, near the bottom). I admit to (1) not knowing very much about sustainability and (2) feeling overwhelmed by the desire to “do the right thing” for the environment when making food choices. I’ve selected these web sites and specific pages within sites as starting points to help me learn more about food system sustainability:

100 Mile Diet :: The latest
FarmFolk/City Folk
Treehugger :: Food + Health
UBC Farm


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