Talk-of-the-Town: 100 Mile Diet

Yesterday evening I trekked to UBC Robson Square to listen to an engaging, inspiring and humourous Talk-of-the-Town with the authors of:

  100 Mile Diet

The 100-Mile Diet

I’m willing to bet it was one the best after-dinner conversations in downtown Vancouver last night. I’m really, really looking forward to reading the book. I didn’t take any notes during the Talk, which I regret, but I’m going to try to recall or at least paraphrase some of the best quotes and share them here later.

What I really want to find is the source of the pumpkin-flavoured honey that the authors, Alisa Smith and JB MacKinnon, raved about!


2 responses to “Talk-of-the-Town: 100 Mile Diet

  1. I read about the diet somewhere last year. I’m not a fast food person, but I’m not sure I’d try something like that. I’m tired of making an effort over food.

  2. Hi, Gillian.

    I agree, it does sound daunting, if not impossible to limit your food choices to a 100 mile radius of your home.

    On this page on their 100-Mile Diet Web site, the authors provide some practical, realistic tips on how to incorporate some of the principles of eating local:

    I, myself, am inspired to try to eat more “100 mile foods” as well as grow greens and veggies in containers on my balcony.

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