Monthly Archives: April 2007

Best nutrition practice in stroke care

This month — actually beginning this weekend — I will be searching for resources on best nutrition practice in stroke care as I prepare for interdisciplinary team meetings at my workplace.  Here are the first resources I am going to read.

Canadian Best Practice Recommendations for Stroke Care (2006)
Canadian Stroke Strategy Best Practices and Standards Environmental Scan Report

I’ll highlight all the nutrition-related recommendations, guidelines and standards in upcoming posts.


I’ve done a little bit of tidying up…

…on this blog that may help you (and me) find resources more quickly. The Dietitian’s Toolkit was getting a bit cluttered so I moved some items to two new categories, Evidence-Based Practice and Practice Guidelines.

A gardening interlude

Combine the following:

  1. April sunshine
  2. A small balcony garden needing early spring pruning and repotting
  3. A new discovery: You Grow Girl

I can’t resist. No blogging this evening. My hands will be tending plants instead of tapping a keyboard.

Blame it on serendipity once again. Yesterday as I was searching web sites for information on sustainable food choices, I came across what has become my favourite gardening website: You Grow Girl.

I just had to share it as soon as possible so you can be inspired and delighted by this site, too.

Looking back, looking ahead

Sunshine on Saturday and Sunday.  Walking and gardening. Playing at the dog-park. Less than 15 minutes in front of the computer screen. Those are my reasons for not doing an end-of-month recap of March postings and “spring-cleaning” the blog to make items easier for you to find. So these will be at the top of the list for April. Also, because evidence-based practice and sustainability are on my mind, I will be sharing my discoveries on these topics with you.

Today I don’t have time to write a full blog post but here a few  resources on this month’s themes:

Evidence-Based Practice: (1) The Cochrane Collaboration and (2) a tutorial on using the Cochrane Library, NICS Guide to the Cochrane Library.

Sustainability: (1) Farm Folk/City Folk (2) a well-reasoned article advocating a “sensible and conditional approach” that combines community-supported agriculture with fair-trade practices.