Looking back, looking ahead

Sunshine on Saturday and Sunday.  Walking and gardening. Playing at the dog-park. Less than 15 minutes in front of the computer screen. Those are my reasons for not doing an end-of-month recap of March postings and “spring-cleaning” the blog to make items easier for you to find. So these will be at the top of the list for April. Also, because evidence-based practice and sustainability are on my mind, I will be sharing my discoveries on these topics with you.

Today I don’t have time to write a full blog post but here a few  resources on this month’s themes:

Evidence-Based Practice: (1) The Cochrane Collaboration and (2) a tutorial on using the Cochrane Library, NICS Guide to the Cochrane Library.

Sustainability: (1) Farm Folk/City Folk (2) a well-reasoned article advocating a “sensible and conditional approach” that combines community-supported agriculture with fair-trade practices.


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