Evidence-Based Practice: EBMSources

I have retracted and rewritten most of the post I published earlier today about finding resources for developing practice guidelines. There is nothing wrong with the site I described in the previous post, but this link may be a better starting point:

EBMSources: Directory of Evidence-Based Information Websites

This regularly-updated directory lists websites of groups or associations offering practice guidelines, critical appraisals, and systematic reviews. An expert panel evaluates the websites using a validated assessment tool, which is described in detail. The site is affiliated with the Department of Family Medicine at Laval University. In a future post, I will provide more information about the directory and my experiences with it.

Here are tips to help you find your way around the site:

  1. Use the narrow sidebar on the left side of the page to navigate from page to page.
  2. Choose your language (French or English) by clicking near the top of the navigation sidebar.
  3. Under “Assessed Websites”, also in the sidebar, click on “complete list” to view all reviewed websites with active links and ratings.

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