NMP#13: Heart & Stroke Foundation

 (Note: NMP = Nutrition Month Post)

Because I work on a neurosciences unit, you might — and should — expect me to have extensive resources on nutrition and stroke. Yes and no. Because I work on an acute care neurosciences unit, once again  I confess to having a surplus of articles on treatment topics (e.g., enteral feeding, dysphagia) but a rather sparse and dated collection on prevention. So I will use the impetus of Nutrition Month to update my inventory of online education materials.

I’m starting with the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada’s Web site.  This month the home page highlights these nutrition features applicable to stroke-prevention as well as heart-health promotion:

  1. Heart-smart diet tips
  2. A new nutrition columnist: Alyssa Rolnick, a registered dietitian
  3. Heart-healthy choices in the new Canada’s Food Guide

Here are links to a few pages I’ve saved for future reference:


2 responses to “NMP#13: Heart & Stroke Foundation

  1. I find your website very helpful and easy to read! Thank you for this.

    Do you have any suggestions of articles on feeding guidelines for volunteers or family members?

  2. Hi, Cindy.

    Thank you for your comment. I’m glad you’re finding useful information on this blog.

    Were you interested in feeding guidelines for people with dysphagia? If so, yes, I can provide you with a web link to a resource used within Vancouver Coastal Health Authority. Just let me know a few more details so I can provide the most appropriate resource.

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