NMP #10: Dietitians’ Websites

Today I am alternating between two tasks that I would rather put off until tomorrow. Both require agonizing decision-making about what to discard and what to keep: I am (1) pruning and re-organizing my home office files and (2) working on a first draft of an upcoming Practice article. If you suspect I am procrastinating by blogging–you are right.

So this post will be very brief for the reason stated above.

I have just added a new category to the right side of the page: Dietitians’ Websites. To give you time to read the wealth of information on Leslie Beck’s site, I may not post again for the rest of the week…which would would give me time to complete the tasks I mentioned at the start of this post.

Now, please excuse me as I get back to reading blogs, reading the latest issue of Canadian House and Home that arrived in the mail today work.


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