Items added to the Dietitian’s Toolkit

Both pages are on the Health Canada Web site, but I wanted to create direct links for quick reference:

1. Natural Health Products 
Follow links from this page for information on:

2. Canada’s Food Guide — Educators’ & Communicators’ resource


4 responses to “Items added to the Dietitian’s Toolkit

  1. I really admire/respect what you’re doing. I watch for your posts, and am also interested by what you’re posting. Would it be a good idea to let DC know about your blog &/or some of the networks?

  2. Hi, Gillian. Thank you for your kinds words and encouragement. I appreciate every comment you make.

    I introduced my blog at a recent BC Regional DC event so DC staff and directors–at least a some of them–know about it. Also, I’ve been invited to submit an article on blogging to an upcoming “Practice” in our Journal.

    Excellent idea about the networks. I think blogs would be a great tool for timely info-sharing.

  3. If you wanted to e-mail me to give me your e-mail, I could jot down a few comments which may (or may not) be useful for your blogging article. No obligation, just an offer.

  4. Hi, Gillian.

    Thank you. I welcome and accept your offer. I’ve emailed you privately about this.


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