Personal blogging challenge

If you’re an acute care dietitian, you may find you’re in the same state of imbalance I now confess to: rich in specialized clinical nutrition and medical resources but relatively poor in up-to-date resources on healthy eating. So I’ve decided to challenge to myself: in the 18 days remaining in Nutrition Month 2007, I will discover, read and share at least ten new-to-me, credible, food-oriented, Canadian resources on promoting health through nutrition.

More to come later today.


5 responses to “Personal blogging challenge

  1. I think that 10 resources in the rest of the month is really keeping your nose to the grindstone. If I see anything, I’ll let you know.

  2. Hi, Gillian.

    Thank you — please contribute resources anytime.

    Yes, writing is hard work….painful at times…like having your nose to a grindstone….OUCH.

    But the pleasure — the AHA! moment of discovery — of finding a useful resource makes the blogging attempts worthwhile. And I know I wouldn’t look as hard for or think as critically about resources if I didn’t set some goals to reach for.


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  5. Thank you for stopping by and for the invitation to join your bloglog. I’m looking forward to reading the MenuCoach later today.

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