NMP* #8: ActNow BC — Healthy Eating Tips

To discover new web sites, sometimes I rely on serendipity; other times I consult trusted, reliable resources like Dial-A-Dietitian (DAD) .

Yesterday evening, while I was re-visiting this DAD page, I followed the link to the ActNow BC home page and began checking out this site’s healthy eating tips

I admit I haven’t read every article but I want to! The site is inviting, attractive, easy to navigate, and well-written. Facts and tips are presented in appetizing, bite-size, easy-to-digest portions on separate web pages. Here are some of the topics — but please go explore all of them:

  • Over 4000 reasons to eat your fruits and vegetables
  • Healthy eating for ex-smokers and people trying to quit
  • 24 ways to get kids to eat their greens
  • Buy local, in season fruits and vegetables
  • Bringing your family back to the table
  • Healthy eating for arthritis
  • Meetwell (making nutritious food available at work)
  • Fueling and cooling the athlete
  • What’s on your plate may help your sight

No matter in what area you work or what age or special needs group you work with, you should find something you can use in your practice….or for yourself and family.

ActNow BC
ActNow BC Healthy Eating articles
List of ActNow BC partners

(*NMP = Nutrition Month Post. I will stop counting them when I hit the magic #31!)


One response to “NMP* #8: ActNow BC — Healthy Eating Tips

  1. Here’s one that gives a few options. I only discovered it this year. cooking for the rushed.com.
    I like it for the shopping list and recipe layout.

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