NMP* #7: Back to recipes

Yes, I’m back to recipes after only one post on a clinical topic. But after all, Nutrition Month really is about celebrating food.

Yesterday the Seventh Annual Weblog Award Winners were announced.  Among the five nominees for Best Food Weblog, my favourites are:

101 Cookbooks (I voted for this one)

Smitten Kitchen (my favourite title; great photography)

Help! I Have a Fire in My Kitchen (the winner; certainly the best tagline: “a humorous look into the adventures of a single parent who learned the hard way and with a great deal of trepidation how to cook, feed his children, friends and the rare date with a measure of dignity and [hopefully] good food – Recipes Included! And it is all KOSHER to boot!”)

*NMP = Nutrition Month Post. I decided to use an acronym to conserve valuable headline space. If you’re keeping stats (I am), I’m now batting just over .500 for posts: 7 in 13 days. I may make 31 by March 31st.


2 responses to “NMP* #7: Back to recipes

  1. I agree that all that all the entries were incredibly professional and have great pictures. I happen to love all of them and I visit them and others on a regular basis. I am glad that my blog Help! I Have A Fire In My Kitchen won as well (kind of obvious!).

    The purpose of Help! I Have A Fire In My Kitchen is actually to deal with real people, real food, real situations. And keeping one’s humor during the trying times in the kitchen is paramount. It was never and I doubt will ever be competitive with “professional” cooks and chefs. That is the niche that Help! I Have A Fire In My Kitchen hopes to fill. The normative family creating “fairly” decent meals for the cooking-impaired and recipe challenged. 🙂

    Teddy @ Help! I Have A Fire In My Kitchen

    Thank you for the write up. It is appreciated.

  2. Hi, Teddy.

    Thank you for your message. Congratulations on your well-deserved award. I think you have filled a niche. I will be visiting your site regularly.


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