Nutrition Month Post #1: the Canadian Health Network

Another benefit of the blog-habit, whether you are a writer or reader of blogs, is serendipity. I’ve experienced it many times while searching for information.

It happened again this evening while I was struggling to write something original and interesting  on the first day of Nutrition Month 2007. Inspiration was just not happening. So I started browsing my favourite resources. I took a closer look at the Canadian Health Network (CHN) website, which has long been on my bookmarks list, and discovered it links to 804 resources on Healthy Eating.

What I particularly like is the way you can search for information: not only by topic, but also by date, resource type, organization and province/territory.

Very useful.


One response to “Nutrition Month Post #1: the Canadian Health Network

  1. Thanks for reminding me of the CHN. I will try to take the time to look at it some more. Reading all the available material is what takes the time. There are evenings I wish I didn’t need sleep.

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