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Evidence-Based Practice: EBMSources

I have retracted and rewritten most of the post I published earlier today about finding resources for developing practice guidelines. There is nothing wrong with the site I described in the previous post, but this link may be a better starting point:

EBMSources: Directory of Evidence-Based Information Websites

This regularly-updated directory lists websites of groups or associations offering practice guidelines, critical appraisals, and systematic reviews. An expert panel evaluates the websites using a validated assessment tool, which is described in detail. The site is affiliated with the Department of Family Medicine at Laval University. In a future post, I will provide more information about the directory and my experiences with it.

Here are tips to help you find your way around the site:

  1. Use the narrow sidebar on the left side of the page to navigate from page to page.
  2. Choose your language (French or English) by clicking near the top of the navigation sidebar.
  3. Under “Assessed Websites”, also in the sidebar, click on “complete list” to view all reviewed websites with active links and ratings.

NMP #14: Speaking of Stroke

Soon after publishing the previous post, I went to the Nutrition Action Healthletter website seeking ideas for another Nutrition Month topic and ran into Serendipity and Synchronicity. I call them “friends” because they’ve helped me on occasion when I’ve been struggling for inspiration. I was looking for a new subject, but why not write two posts in a row on stroke?

The March cover story, Stroke: How to Avoid a Brain Attack, is freely available to everyone (subscribers and nonsubscribers) as a PDF download.

The article presents up-to-date, critically-reviewed, science-based and practical information and tools dietitians can use with clients or for themselves:

  • Diet recommendations (eat 8 to 10 vegetables and fruits daily; eat fish twice weekly; eat potassium-rich foods)
  • Potassium content of foods
  • Risk factors presented as ones you can change and ones you can’t
  • Simple 3-step calculator to use in determining your stroke risk

NMP#13: Heart & Stroke Foundation

 (Note: NMP = Nutrition Month Post)

Because I work on a neurosciences unit, you might — and should — expect me to have extensive resources on nutrition and stroke. Yes and no. Because I work on an acute care neurosciences unit, once again  I confess to having a surplus of articles on treatment topics (e.g., enteral feeding, dysphagia) but a rather sparse and dated collection on prevention. So I will use the impetus of Nutrition Month to update my inventory of online education materials.

I’m starting with the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada’s Web site.  This month the home page highlights these nutrition features applicable to stroke-prevention as well as heart-health promotion:

  1. Heart-smart diet tips
  2. A new nutrition columnist: Alyssa Rolnick, a registered dietitian
  3. Heart-healthy choices in the new Canada’s Food Guide

Here are links to a few pages I’ve saved for future reference:

NMP #12: Dietitian’s Website of the Day

Today I’ve added Liz Pearson’s website to the sidebar. 

“Liz’s approach to healthy eating is sane and sensible. She communicates timely, relevant nutrition research, while emphasizing the need for fun food (like chocolate!) in moderation.”

NMP #11: Dietitian’s Website of the Day

On her bright, refreshing site, Dietitian Patricia Chuey explains how to “simplify, nourish and soar.”

NMP #10: Dietitians’ Websites

Today I am alternating between two tasks that I would rather put off until tomorrow. Both require agonizing decision-making about what to discard and what to keep: I am (1) pruning and re-organizing my home office files and (2) working on a first draft of an upcoming Practice article. If you suspect I am procrastinating by blogging–you are right.

So this post will be very brief for the reason stated above.

I have just added a new category to the right side of the page: Dietitians’ Websites. To give you time to read the wealth of information on Leslie Beck’s site, I may not post again for the rest of the week…which would would give me time to complete the tasks I mentioned at the start of this post.

Now, please excuse me as I get back to reading blogs, reading the latest issue of Canadian House and Home that arrived in the mail today work.

NMP #9: St. Paddy’s Day Links

This weekend I was going to write about odds-ratio and other statistical terms and concepts I’ve been struggling with while preparing to do a poster presentation on evidence-based practice — but it’s Saturday and St. Patrick’s Day so I’m going to change to a lighter and easier-for-me topic.

Epicurious is featuring The Luck of the Irish: authentic recipes, menus and brews to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. I’m posting this a bit late in the day to try any recipes, like tea brack, but you may want to read some of the short and interesting articles such as this one about how Irish cooks are rediscovering their native bounty.

Quiz: What do boxty, champ, fadge and colcannon have in common? You can find the answer here.