Eating well with the new Canada’s Food Guide

Today, Health Canada released the latest version of Canada’s Food Guide. For the past few weeks, Dietitians of Canada (DC) has kept its membership up-to-date on the pending release and this morning issued its own statement by email and on the website News Room. It provides a concise overview of the new and improved features of our national food guide, now called Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide. Thank you, DC, for making sure we were well-prepared for the release.

Health Canada has created a highly-interactive web site to explain and demonstrate its features. If you’re unsure where to begin, why not join me and we’ll follow the rainbow together.

Background. I was tempted to begin with the Educators and Communicators page so I would know how to use the Guide in my practice, but I also was curious about the story behind this revision as well as what’s different from previous versions so I started reading here. For professionals, probably either page is a good entry point.

Reading the Food Guide’s history and seeing the previous versions are fascinating. What is the earliest edition of the Food Rules/Food Guide you remember learning? I recall seeing the 1977 version (sun surrounded by the wheel of food groups) in my high school Home Economics class.

Details about the evidence base and revision process are here and here.

There is a lot to digest with the new Food Guide — pardon the pun — and in the days to come, I’ll be devoting a few blog posts to its features.


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