Mission, Values & Vision — Oh, my!

As in “lions and tigers and bears–oh, my!” What am I getting into?

I usually operate at the level of activities, and when I’m really disciplined about planning, I will develop objectives. But a highly-respected blogging resource recommends giving careful thought to your blogging mission, values and vision. In other words: why are you blogging, what values guide your blogging and what do you hope to achieve with your blogging? I agree it’s wise to articulate these rather than assume your readership can determine them from what is and is not on your blog.

So here are my higher level statements:

Why am I blogging? (aka Mission)
To record and share resources.

What values guide my blogging?
1. Honesty and fairness in gathering, reporting and interpreting information. This includes acknowledging all sources and admitting mistakes and correcting them promptly. “Tell the truth.”
2. Respect for others’ opinions and feelings. “Don’t be mean.”
3. My professional association’s Code of Ethics, particularly “to support the advancement and dissemination of nutritional and related knowledge and skills.” “Share the wealth.”

What do I hope to achieve with this blog? (aka Vision)
(1) discovery and learning
(2) a stronger community of dietetic practice


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