Monthly Archives: February 2006

Why am I blogging? (part 2)

When I come across new nutrition information that appears relevant to my practice, I tend to skim it, making a mental note “this is interesting; I will get back to it later when I have more time”…but more time never comes. 

I’m hoping that blogging about an article, question, issue, idea, tool or resource will compel me to look at the item mindfully in the moment: read, reflect, evaluate…and follow-up with action. Any nutrition-related item that appears to be useful, intriguing, well-designed and worth sharing will be published here. Just in case my colleagues might be interested.


Why am I blogging?

Good question. At this stage — novice blogger — I do wonder what I’m getting into.

But, I have decided to jump in the deep end. Because I need to organize my current collection of nutrition resources and in case the process and result might be helpful to my colleagues, I thought I would create a blog. Also, by doing this, I (hopefully) will be more selective about the resources I include than if I were simply saving everything to my bookmarks list or computer files.

Warning: there may be some rough spots ahead. I am learning.