Greens & Berries

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New post on my new blog

I’ve just published a post on food allergies and intolerances at my new blog home, Greens and Berries.

Change of address notice

I’ve moved about one-third of Dietitian Online’s content to its new blog home. Please come visit me at Greens and Berries. I’ll be moving the rest of the content during the next few days. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on the new site, it will still be here.

I’ve tried to keep the same simple look for the new blog but there are a few new features I’d like to tell you about.

1. New name: Greens & Berries

2. New address (URL): This means that you if you’ve been using Google Reader, Bloglines or another blog reader, you will need to update your subscription.

3. A separate page, Archives, will list all published posts. These will be organized by category, title and month.

4. Another distinct page, Links, will list my favourite websites and blogs. These, too, will be organized into groups to aid your navigation.

Oh, you were wondering about the new blog name. It is a big change, I agree. Naming is one of the most challenging tasks in setting up a new blog. But I really wanted to have food, glorious food in the title. Also, I wanted something with a gardening connection because I also blog about my edible balcony garden, which is an experiment in year-round gardening, and I may eventually move that blog to the same site. And finally, I hope that soon there will be many dietitians online with their own blogs.

Housekeeping: fixing broken links, packing & moving

I’m in the process of moving the contents of this blog to a new hosting service so I won’t be posting anything new for a couple of days.  The new blog will look and feel much like this one but the writing and publishing features will make it easier for me to post, store and retrieve information. I hope, in turn, you will find it easier to read, seek and find. 

Addendum: more details, my new address, and tips for navigating the new site to come later this week.

Housekeeping: new page added

I’ve added a new page, which you can access by clicking on the text next to the About pages. (All these pages are at the top, above the image header.)

Dietitians’ Practice Resources will be a never-completed work-in-progress, but it’s my attempt to collect, categorize, find,  retrieve, and of course, share resources using the minimum amount of time, space, and mental effort (as in trying to recall where I put that classic resource on subjective global assessment).

Heart & Stroke Foundation’s feature for August

Here’s a link to an article that connects two of my favourite blogging topics that I usually write about separately: nutrition for stroke prevention and local eating. 

Eat locally, eat healthfully

Education on secondary stroke prevention

Earlier today I provided some last-minute nutrition counseling to a stroke patient and wife as “they were heading out the door.”  OK, I admit for effect I’m exaggerating the time pressure, but this morning I really did get one of those typical phone calls from the nursing unit: “Mr. X is being discharged today and he and his wife want to talk to a dietitian before he goes home.” I immediately thought, “This is the perfect opportunity to test some of the education checklists and resources we are developing and compiling for our stroke program.” So, rather than use our department’s heart-health focused materials that, although very good, may not be completely up-to-date and also are not targeted to stroke patients, I decided to put together a customized nutrition and secondary stroke prevention resource package. Continue reading